Welcome to France Motorhome Sales 2021

We have a new member of the team and would like to welcome Sally as a regular contributor on all things motorhome and campingcar.

motorhome by the coast
Get ready for summer

Sally has arrived from working in the motorhome sales, storage and services industry in Burgundy however, she is going to be spending this Summer 2021 season in the beautiful region of the Aquitaine in the South West of France and will be making interesting reports and podcasts in and about the area.

If you want us to help you find the perfect campervan or motorhome, or need help in discussing how you can own a motorhome even though you don’t live in France or, need a place to store your motorhome while you’re out of the country, contact us here and one of us will be in contact to discuss your needs.

In the meantime, enjoy following Sally around the South West of France on her travels, seeing the villages, towns and learning about the motorhomes and the people she meets on the way!

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