Reclaim Your Freedom on Motorhome Trips with a Charly Scooter

charly-110-blue scooter

Are you ready to transform your motorhome travel experience? Add a touch of adventure and flexibility with the Charly All Automatic EFI Injection EURO5, now available at €2,430.00 incl. VAT. This scooter is the perfect complement to explore the surroundings during your motorhome stops.

Key Features of the Charly All Automatic EFI Injection EURO5:

Easy Transport: Weighing just 82 kg, this scooter is easy to carry with your motorhome.

Automatic Driving: Enjoy an automatic gearbox for simplified driving, ideal for both beginners and experienced riders.

Capacity: Capable of carrying up to 180 kg, it’s perfect for two people.

Enhanced Performance: Technical updates include EFI injection, front-rear brake coupling, and suspension system improvements for a stable and safe ride.

Integrated Technology: With a Bluetooth device for connection to your Android smartphone and easy diagnostics via a supplied cable, you’re always connected and informed.

Design and Options: Available in 5 attractive colours to match your style.


Technical Specifications:

Power: 5.75 KW.

Dimensions: Handlebar height folded at 82 cm (adjustable to 76cm), seat height 76cm, width 45cm, unfolded handlebar 95cm.

Contact us today and get ready to explore in style and comfort!