Register a motorhome in France as a non-resident


Register a motorhome in France as a non-resident

Register a motorhome in France with our legal structure. Non-residents & international buyers can legally register, own and insure their motorhome with the help of France Motorhome Sales.

The issue

As a non-resident without an address in France, it is simply not possible to take ownership of a motorhome or campervan you may wish to purchase. Even if you agree a sale with a dealer, the “carte grise” registration document requires proof of a French address to change the title owner.

The solution

Although non-residents cannot purchase a motorhome directly, they are permitted to set up a legal structure called a société civile. This legal entity has a specific, non-commercial activity attached to it, in this case owning and driving a motorhome.

In partnership with our accountant, this société civile is created in your name with a domicile address they provide and manage here in France. At the completion, you are provided with documentation (KBIS) that you can use to complete the carte grise registration and take full ownership of your preferred motorhome.

The timescale

This process takes approximately 8-12 weeks but no definite date can be given due to the various moving parts. We recommend starting the process as early in the trip planning as possible to avoid delays. You will be asked to produce scanned and physically mailed signed copies of the documentation.

Pricing & details

The setup fee is 1950€. This includes all the legal document creation and registration with the French state.

The only running cost is the domicile address assigned to the société civile and mail handling which is 60€ per year from the second year.

Dedicated bank account

Our accountant advises that it is recommended to set up a dedicated bank account for the societe civile but not mandatory. It can be challenging to open a business account in France as a non-resident although we continue to look for a solution to this. For the moment we recommend opening a personal Wise to simplify making EUR payments.

After your trip

Once you are done with your trip you have the option to sell your legal structure if desired, keep it active for your next vehicle purchase or close it down and deregister.

Step-by-step guide

Read our full guide which explains the entire process of buying and registering a motorhome in France. We will support you at each step along the way from preparing your documents to completing the vehicle purchase. We are only a phone call or email away.

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