We were getting close to abandoning our project but then we found John


We highly recommend John at France Motorhome Sales if you are thinking about buying a motorhome or a Campervan in France!! We had done quite a lot of research on how to legally acquire a new Campervan in Europe before finding France Motorhome Sales. We must say that there are a lot of “so-so” schemes out there on the internet such as “buybacks options”,…some of which are downright scary and don’t really make you the real and rightful owner of the new vehicle. At some point, we were getting close to abandoning our project because we couldn’t find the right person with the right process to help us throughout the lengthy and complex acquisition process (nothing is simple in France!!). But then we found John who reassured us from the start and helped us throughout this multiple month’s process. As mentioned before, John not only has the knowledge on how to make it happen, but he also has the right process to facilitate the whole thing. It’s only the proper combination of knowledge and process that can make a project like this happen in the right way. Thanks to John, we now own a new Campervan which we’ve been using for the last 6 weeks in France,…we are living the adventure we envisioned, and John was a big part of the reason we can now live this new adventure for years to come!! Thank you, John!

Elaine and Martin from Canada

Can’t say enough about the level of excellent service received

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Can’t say enough about the level of excellent service received. John helped me do everything remotely from Ireland and was more than happy to assist with my numerous questions. The multistep process went smoothly and the advice given at each stage was spot on. Would recommend France Motorhome Sales to anyone wishing to purchase in France from abroad.

Andrew Butler

Has the contacts to make it happen

Bray customer review

John helped us enormously to buy our European home on wheels. Throughout the process he was responsive and knowledgeable and has the contacts to make it happen. He supported us from start to finish. We would definitely recommend his services for non-residents.

Richard Bray

John far exceeded our expectations


We couldn’t be happier with the support and service John provided so we could, as Australians, purchase a campervan in France in order to travel around Europe & the UK for 12 months. John far exceeded our expectations. He was extremely responsive, proactive, friendly and easy to work with as he helped us through each and every step … from setting up a French company allowing us to purchase our campervan, to finding the van, to coordinating the purchase from the dealership and organising insurance. We’d wholeheartedly recommend John to anyone wanting support through this or any similar process. Thank you John, thank you!

Des & Jill

John provided us invaluable assistance

Aaron with his family and motorhome

John provided us invaluable assistance with the purchase and customisation of a 2018 Weinsberg 600 DKG motorhome for our family’s year-long European adventure. Purchasing a vehicle in France as a non-EU resident isn’t straight-forward. From our initial contact in late August and in the following months, John expertly guided us through a private sale and ensured our vehicle was ready when we arrived in early December. In our view he provided excellent value. Without the requisite knowledge of the French system, we can’t see how you could, at a distance, do this yourself in any reasonable timeframe without significant frustration and the risk of missing important detail. John is an excellent communicator. Being detail orientated, we greatly appreciated his timely and helpful answers to our many questions. We’re now almost two months into our travels and confirm we are very satisfied with the outcome. In summary, we strongly recommend engaging John’s assistance if you’re contemplating a motorhome purchase as a non-resident.


We highly recommend their services

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We are Australian and only speak English. Through our research we decided that France was the best country to use as a home base for our European motorhome travels and soon discovered the services of John Mottram from France Motorhome Sales. John provided guidance in establishing the entity to purchase our motorhome, introduced us to some industry contacts that helped us immensely in our eventual purchase, assisted us in the registration and insurance process and even sourced the storage location in France for us. We encountered a few issues through the process that we are certain we would not have overcome without the support and guidance of John. This, combined with his comprehensive knowledge of how things are done in France, expert interpretation skills, and local knowledge, made him invaluable to us. We are extremely happy with the service provided by France Motorhome Sales and highly recommend their services.


Professionalism and efficiency is top class

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We Maureen and P.J. , cannot speak highly enough about John. His professionalism and efficiency is top class, nothing is left to chance when he is helping you with the buying of your motorhome. We contacted FranceMotorhomesales at the end of April 2023, with the view of buying a Motorhome. We collected our motorhome at the end of September. The whole process was seamless and trouble free. We would highly recommend John and his team and we will definitely be using his services again in the future. A great company.

Maureen and P.J.

From the French Alps to the top of Scotland in the past 60 days

John Ahern review for France Motorhome Sales

We highly recommend John at France Motorhome Sales. With us in Oz, John managed our way through the bureaucratic French process. Grateful we planned it 6 months out. After establishing the holding entity, John then tapped in quickly to the type of machine we wanted, our EU holiday home on wheels, and sourced it to budget. Our 2009 Elnagh Prince with 74k kms on the clock is great! From the French Alps to the top of Scotland in the past 60 days, and onwards. Some nerves sending a whack of cash over the Net, and even more when the taxi driver took us to the wrong address, a closed dilapidated factory. But all good; no hesitation in recommending France Motorhome Sales. John and Mandy, Gold Coast, Australia.

John Ahern

We could not provide a higher recommendation!

France Motorhome Sales Testimonial September 2023

As Aussies we were at a loss about how to purchase a motorhome in Europe lawfully, to ensure it was in our name. Let alone all the other logistics!! Then we found John at France Motorhome Sales. John guided us every step of the way, was extremely responsive and helped us purchase a motorhome from Australia in our name so it was ready to roll when we arrived in France. He also liaised with the French dealership about any additions we wanted and helped with delivery of our ebikes to the motorhome so they were ready for arrival. John provided fantastic service and has helped our dream become reality. We could not provide a higher recommendation!

Gav & Tracey

10/10 for service!


John was very responsive throughout and very patient with my many questions. He helped us sort the purchase, insurance, and paperwork. 10/10 for service! We picked up our campervan and had a great summer touring Europe! We are looking forward to many more lovely vacations in it too! A note is that France can be slow! This is no fault of John’s but I would recommend being in good time unlike me! It all worked out anyway, but I would have been less stressed if the paperwork had come through on time. The government office that was supposed to do the paperwork sent out a letter explaining they had longer case times than usual, so again, no fault on John, just an FYI to start early.


We couldn’t have done it without his help

Michael review photo of his campervan

John and his business, is the consummate professional entities, that we were very happy to find. We started over 2 years ago looking to find the best motorhome to suit our needs as we travelled throughout Europe. Through much searching and inquiring we were about to give up until we ran across his website. At first it sounded like it was too good to be true. So we inquired and we got a prompt response to our inquiry. All the questions we had were answered and all the details were explained. John doesn’t sugar coat things, he tells you how it is, how it needs to be done, and how long it will take. He is like your boots on the ground and he is a true professional. He is well worth the fees he charges and we feel ever so lucky to have contacted him to help us purchase our Motorhome legally in France. We couldn’t have done it without his help. Hands down the best!


All those thinking and dreaming, take the plunge and just do it

tincey review

After viewing the Tour de France on Australian TV for many years we felt the yearning to one day follow a few stages. The allure of the magnificent countryside, the images of historic buildings and chateaus along the race stages beckoned us to one day buy a motorhome and tour France along with other motorhomes that lined the course. We quickly found the one big stumbling block, as non French residents, we are not allowed to purchase a motor vehicle. After much internet research we discovered a solution with the guidance from John, director of France Motorhome Sales. By forming a company “société civile”. Without John our dream would still be just that. He is an absolute professional with full and in depth knowledge of what paths to take to make our dream come true. His dedication to service is second to none. Epitomised by the invaluable help in unfolding the mess caused by our initial purchase of a motorhome that went horribly wrong when the vendor pulled out of the contract after we had parted with our money to the intermediary , needless to say I’d advise buy from a dealer not through any other method. We are now in France living the dream after further help from John in securing our mobile home away from home. Our motorhome is fully insured, registered and taxed. We can not recommend John highly enough. Our advice to all those thinking and dreaming is take the plunge and just do it, not matter where you are from in the world. With John it is easy.

Lauren Tincey

Went above and beyond to help us


John from France Motorhome sales went above and beyond to help us buy a French Motor Home from across the world – Australia. He arranged the set up our Societe Civile, he followed through without rushing us to completion. When we were ready and with a lot of complications our end he communicated with the dealer, we made our selection, paid the money and John was helping us all the way – Carte Gris, Carte Verte and Insurance. The buying process was very different to Australia – so John was an absolute must. We collected our used fully paid Challenger 260 at the end of April all from on-line and couldn’t be more delighted. Perfect. We are now about to go into Portugal – really enjoying our adventure. Thank you John. Highly recommend your service.


I now own my new pride and joy


I highly recommend John at France Motorhome Sales if you are thinking about buying a motorhome or camper van in France!! Thanks to John, I now own my new pride and joy and ready to set off on my huge adventure! John helped me navigate through the complex French system from start to finish. John is prompt and professional and answered all my questions. I bought my campervan through a dealership and John assisted by liaising with them on my behalf and advised me of what to expect before I collected my new van. Thank you John!


Guided and assisted me through the whole process


I was looking to purchase a motorhome in Europe given that we spend most of or travelling outside of the UK and the issues that can bring with Brexit etc.France looked like the ideal location to buy given that it is pretty central. After some research I came across John Mottram who runs France Motorhome Sales, and that turned out to be a great deal of fortune. From my initial contact with John , he guided and assisted me through the whole process. It’s not particularly complicated but with John’s knowledge and expertise it certainly made life a whole lot simpler. As a result I am now the owner of a French registered, taxed MOT’d and insured motorhome. I can’t thank John enough for his knowledge understanding and patience and would highly recommend him to anyone looking or considering to purchase a motorhome in Europe.

John McCall

Nothing was too much trouble

Damian and Jan France Motorhome Sales testimonail

As Australians trying to buy a motorhome in Europe, there were a lot of rules and regulations to navigate. John at France Motorhome Sales was brilliant in helping us through the process, especially finding our way through the complicated French paperwork. Nothing was too much trouble for him and when he found us a vehicle through a colleague, he continued acting as a go-between to ensure everything went smoothly. We would highly recommend John and France Motorhome Sales to anyone wanting to buy a Motorhome – particularly Australians like us, who had no idea what we were doing.

Damian and Jan

Outstanding throughout the whole process

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We wouldn’t have been able to buy our second hand camper in France without John. We live in Australia and don’t speak French or have a French address. John has made the whole process seamless, stepping us through the complex legal system, sourcing a campervan and coordinating with the seller. He always responded in a timely manner to our emails and was very professional at every step. He was outstanding throughout the whole process. We wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend him.

Ann Coppard

Made a very complex process simple

We are from New Zealand and worked with John to purchase a motorhome in France. We arrived recently to find our motorhome waiting for us and everything was as expected 😀. John made a very complex process simple and we have no hesitation recommending France Motorhome Sales.

Kevin Appleby

I have no hesitation in recommending John

We had John list our motorhome. He was responsive, helpful and answered all our questions/addressed all our concerns. He sourced offers from dealerships and when we sold the motorhome, he acted as a translator when necessary (as I speak a very little French). I have no hesitation in recommending John.

Gary Redfern

Very efficient and straight forward

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John provided us with a simple means of acquiring a motorhome in France despite not having a French address. He also assisted us in identifying really good quality second hand motorhome. The whole process was very efficient and straight forward.

Stephen Lynch

Communication and advice was outstanding

France-Motorhome-Sales logo

We read about France Motorhome Sales, and their excellent reviews, on the internet while researching buying a motorhome in France. John’s communication and advice was outstanding throughout the process.

Kevin Kelly

John was excellent in every step


John was excellent! in every step of the process of selling our motor home, we had a few hiccups our end nothing to do with John which took a few weeks to sort out. There was never any pressure from him on this matter and he mediated on our behalf with the buyer as we don’t speak the language. I would highly recommend his services.

Sandra Henwood

Found 3 offers for my motorhome within a few days

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John found 3 offers for my motorhome within a few days and the highest was beyond my expectations and easily justified his fee. He also spoke by phone to the dealer buying my motorhome to address questions I had. Definitely recommended.

Gary Johns

Professional, kind and very hard working

European adventure – We made it!

Such a pleasure working with John and France Motorhome Sales to make sure we had everything lined up to purchase our “home on wheels!” John is professional and kind and very hard working. I 100% recommend you reach out if you’re thinking about motor home life in Europe!!

Eva Popper

Couldn’t be happier with our motorhome

Mickael with Melissa Keeting

Around a year ago we decided that we were going to travel from Australia to live in Europe for a year or two and the obvious idea was to buy our own home on wheels. After much research we started talking with John at France Motorhome Sales and quickly realised that John has all the local knowledge and experience we needed. John asked us what we were looking for in our motorhome and in addition to providing other search options he sourced the perfect motorhome for our needs. We purchased 3 months before leaving Australia and couldn’t be happier with our motorhome and the follow-up service and advice from John. Our motorhome was stored securely until we arrived, we are now in our third week of travels and it has been nothing but a great experience.

Melissa Keeting

A crucial part of our recent motorhome purchase

Dan Sullivan review

Our experience with John at France Motorhome Sales was topnotch. He has been very attentive to our needs and a crucial part of our recent motorhome purchase. I would (and have done) recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a motorhome in Europe, especially if as a non-EU resident.

Dan Sullivan

Don’t hesitate if you want the best

France-Motorhome-Sales logo

John is simply the BEST, His knowledge, professionalism, recommendations and response times are world class to say the least, don’t hesitate if you want the best!!

Kevin Hodge

John is professional, helpful and responsive

Neil & Merady review

I fully support Kevin’s comments. John is professional, helpful and responsive. We have asked lots of questions and he always comes back quickly with the answers. Thanks John.

Neil Brown

As I type I am sitting in my just purchased home on wheels

France-Motorhome-Sales logo

It can be nerve racking to send your hard earned cash to an account in another country and hope it all works out. As I type I am sitting in my just purchased home on wheels and couldn’t be happier. It all worked out! I cant say enough about France Motorhome Sales Customer Service, rare in this day and age. John was always quick to get back to us and helpful through the entire process. Even after I was on the road he went above and beyond to answer my questions. Thanks John! I also have no hesitation in recommending him and his company. Happy Travels.

Troi Suliman

Helped us out enormously with a tricky challenge


John is very professional, responds very quickly and helped us out enormously with a tricky challenge. Highly recommended.

Jon Evison

Most helpful, diligent and very efficient

France Motorhome Sales logo black

We found France Motorhome Sales to be most helpful diligent and very efficient and professional. Nothing was to much trouble for and everything was dealt with in a timely manner. We would have no problem using them or referring them to our friends going forward.

M. Whelan

They had us an offer within days


When we wanted to sell our motorhome we advertised it in as many places as we could find including France Motorhome Sales. They had us an offer within days and eventually sold it for us at the best price we were offered. John was friendly, helpful, always contactable and very professional throughout the process, I would have no hesitation in highly recommending him and his company.

Ken Harrison