Total costs for non-residents buying a motorhome in France

what are the costs involved for non-residents buying a motorhome in France

What are the costs involved?

Here are the total-expected costs for non-residents looking to purchase and drive a motorhome in France.

One-off fees

Societe civile setup: 1950 EUR.

Motorhome sourcing and support service: ~1500 EUR

Registration tax: On average ~500 EUR for depending on vehicle engine size.

– “On the road fee”: Some dealers will charge 1000 EUR which includes the previous registration tax as well as a basic service before they hand over a vehicle.

Recurring fees

– Domicile address and mail handling: 60 EUR / year from the second year.

– Insurance: On average ~1400 EUR / year full coverage with 5+ years no claims discount of 50%

Storage: Expect to pay ~50-150 EUR per month.

– Vehicle inspection: For vehicles older than 4 years, a controle technique is required every two years ~135 EUR.

At the end of your trip

– Officially closing the societe civile: 1700 EUR

Selling your vehicle through France Motorhome Sales: 1000 EUR commission