Carte grise registration service

When it comes time to update your carte grise registration document when purchasing a vehicle, we can help by providing all the documentation required, pre-filled and submitted on your behalf.

Carte grise registration service

Carte grise registration service

Document Checklist

Signed by the seller & buyer

– The déclaration de cession : cerfa 15776*02

Provided by the seller

– The transfer code provided by the seller following declaration of transfer in le système d’immatriculation d’un véhicule (SIV)

– The current carte grise registration document crossed out, dated and signed by the seller then given to the buyer (the seller should also keep a scanned copy / photo).

– The certificat de situation administrative (CSA) of less than 15 days: Histovec

– The control technique (vehicle inspection test) of less than 6 months if the vehicle is more than 4 years old.

Signed by the buyer

– The demande de certificat d’immatriculation: cerfa 13750*07

Our Carte Grise Service

We can pre-fill the documents and process the carte grise changes for you through our account at ePlaque for an additional admin fee of 150 EUR available to order here or get in touch below.

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