Importing a motorhome into France from the EU


Importing a motorhome into France from the EU

If you are planning to import a motorhome into France from within the EU, we have a service to navigate you through the process. Also available to non-residents.

The documents necessary to import a motorhome

– Certificate of conformity.
– Purchase receipt (if from a private seller, I will draft the invoice).
– Current registration certificate (unless new).
– Safety inspection test dated within the last 6 months from country of origin (unless new).
– Driving licence + International driving permit.
– Passport.
– Proof of no claims discount.
– Proof of address in France or KBIS certificate.

The service

You will be guided step-by-step through each of the various hurdles including checking the documents, VAT clearance, import taxes if appropriate, insurance plus temporary and full registration documents.

If the French authorities want to inspect the vehicle (depending on conformity status and import country) we will also navigate you through this.

No matter what is thrown up, you’ll have the help to overcome it.

What are the costs involved?

– Care grise tax (normally ~500 EUR)
– VAT is not normally due if the vehicle is older than 6 months, greater than 6 000km or if the purchase invoice attests to it already having been paid.
– Insurance (normally ~1500 EUR / year)
– My import fee of between 2 – 4 000 EUR depending on the vehicle, the complexities and its origin.
– There is much talk of the “tax malus” CO2 tax from 2024, the list of applications and exceptions is long but the French authorities will be the ultimate arbiter of your registration taxes, calculating this with any accuracy ahead of time is quite the task.

Points to consider

Things in France very much go at their own pace. Delays are longest in the summer holiday months but waiting times can significantly lengthen unexpectedly at any time. It is impossible to pressure or rush authorities as they simply come back with a firm “non” and we have to wait patiently for the various applications to move forward.

This import method is not for the feint of heart and generally only advised for clients with a specialist vehicle requirement or those with at least 6 months lead time and flexible trip dates. Whilst every effort will be made to the contrary, there is no absolute guarantee that your chosen vehicle will pass all the various hurdles.

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