Document checklist

To navigate the whole process of buying and registering a motorhome in France you will need to provide the following documents at various stages.

Before you start, be sure you have:

For the société civile:

– Valid passport.
– Proof of current address from your country of residence (mobile phone contract or utility bill or property rates only).
– Birth certificate (unless city of birth is stated on your passport).
– Marriage certificate (if applicable).

For an insurance quote:

– Valid driving licence for the weight of motorhome you are buying.
– International driving permit provided by your country of residence.
– Proof of no claims discount provided by your country of residence (standard vehicle policies are accepted).
– Insurance history for the last 10 years including any claims made regardless of fault.
– Current vehicle insurance certificate from your country of residence (mandatory for some insurers but not for others).

Before committing to a vehicle purchase, be sure you have:

– Your société civile KBIS document from the completed registration process.
– Insurance quote which we arrange for you.