How to pay a speeding fine in France as a legal entity

If you trigger a speeding fine when driving a motorhome under the name of a legal entity rather than an individual you are required to designate the driver before paying the fine. Here is a step-by-step guide covering the topic.

1. Designate a Driver

Step one of paying a legal entity speeding fine in France

– Visit this link on the official French government site for traffic fine management:
– This platform allows you to designate the actual driver at the time of the offence.

2. Select the “I am a representative of a legal entity”

Step two of paying a legal entity speeding fine in France

3. Fill in Manager’s Personal Information

– The first set of information required pertains to the manager of the societe civile.
– Ensure that all details are accurate and correspond to the legal entity managing the motorhome.

4. Enter Driver’s Personal Details

– On the following page, input the personal information of the individual who was driving at the time of the speeding incident.
– Double-check for accuracy to avoid any potential issues or discrepancies.

5. Follow Instructions and Confirm

– Proceed through each screen, following the prompts and instructions.
– After entering all necessary information, confirm the details.

6. Download Receipt

– Once the process is complete, download a copy of the submitted information.
– This document will serve as a receipt or proof of your submission.

7. Receiving the Updated Fine

– After processing, you will receive an updated fine, addressed to the designated driver.
– This can be sent via email or physical post to your registration address.
– The revised fine will mention “legal representative” to indicate the association with the societe civile.


8. Payment of the Updated Fine

– Visit to proceed with the payment.
– Use the information provided in the updated fine notice to complete the payment.

Every effort has been made to make the guide complete and accurate but France Motorhome Sales takes no responsibility for errors or issues in submitting your fine