Understanding Customer Service and Cost Expectations


France is one of the most welcoming countries to motorhomes but expectations of English-speaking clients are sometimes challenged when it comes to customer service and costs. We outline a few explanations to consider as you plan your trip.

The Role of Taxes and VAT

In France, businesses face substantial taxation, with anywhere between 40-70% of their total invoiced amount going towards various taxes. This high tax rate directly impacts the pricing of goods and services. For motorhome enthusiasts, this means that the price paid for purchases, repairs, accessories, or storage include a significant tax component beyond the visible 20% VAT.

Employing Contracted Staff

Employing contracted staff incurs hefty social security charges for both the employer and the employee, further adding to the tax implications. Businesses therefore often have to economise with lower staffing levels than they’d ideally like, putting more workload on their existing staff creating slower resolution times.

Inflationary Pressures

Supply chains and material costs remain volatile, adding an extra price dynamic. This influences both bottom line and 3rd-party costs for businesses which they inevitably have to pass on to consumers.

Setting Expectations

Recognizing the impact of these overheads can help set realistic expectations and avoid misinterpreting prices as overcharging or slow responses to emails and calls as poor service.

The charm and beauty of France, combined with a well-planned motorhome journey, can offer unforgettable experiences, and this is always well worth the investment.