All those thinking and dreaming, take the plunge and just do it

After viewing the Tour de France on Australian TV for many years we felt the yearning to one day follow a few stages. The allure of the magnificent countryside, the images of historic buildings and chateaus along the race stages beckoned us to one day buy a motorhome and tour France along with other motorhomes that lined the course. We quickly found the one big stumbling block, as non French residents, we are not allowed to purchase a motor vehicle. After much internet research we discovered a solution with the guidance from John, director of France Motorhome Sales. By forming a company “société civile”. Without John our dream would still be just that. He is an absolute professional with full and in depth knowledge of what paths to take to make our dream come true. His dedication to service is second to none. Epitomised by the invaluable help in unfolding the mess caused by our initial purchase of a motorhome that went horribly wrong when the vendor pulled out of the contract after we had parted with our money to the intermediary , needless to say I’d advise buy from a dealer not through any other method. We are now in France living the dream after further help from John in securing our mobile home away from home. Our motorhome is fully insured, registered and taxed. We can not recommend John highly enough. Our advice to all those thinking and dreaming is take the plunge and just do it, not matter where you are from in the world. With John it is easy.