John provided us invaluable assistance

John provided us invaluable assistance with the purchase and customisation of a 2018 Weinsberg 600 DKG motorhome for our family’s year-long European adventure. Purchasing a vehicle in France as a non-EU resident isn’t straight-forward. From our initial contact in late August and in the following months, John expertly guided us through a private sale and ensured our vehicle was ready when we arrived in early December. In our view he provided excellent value. Without the requisite knowledge of the French system, we can’t see how you could, at a distance, do this yourself in any reasonable timeframe without significant frustration and the risk of missing important detail. John is an excellent communicator. Being detail orientated, we greatly appreciated his timely and helpful answers to our many questions. We’re now almost two months into our travels and confirm we are very satisfied with the outcome. In summary, we strongly recommend engaging John’s assistance if you’re contemplating a motorhome purchase as a non-resident.