We were getting close to abandoning our project but then we found John

We highly recommend John at France Motorhome Sales if you are thinking about buying a motorhome or a Campervan in France!! We had done quite a lot of research on how to legally acquire a new Campervan in Europe before finding France Motorhome Sales. We must say that there are a lot of “so-so” schemes out there on the internet such as “buybacks options”,…some of which are downright scary and don’t really make you the real and rightful owner of the new vehicle. At some point, we were getting close to abandoning our project because we couldn’t find the right person with the right process to help us throughout the lengthy and complex acquisition process (nothing is simple in France!!). But then we found John who reassured us from the start and helped us throughout this multiple month’s process. As mentioned before, John not only has the knowledge on how to make it happen, but he also has the right process to facilitate the whole thing. It’s only the proper combination of knowledge and process that can make a project like this happen in the right way. Thanks to John, we now own a new Campervan which we’ve been using for the last 6 weeks in France,…we are living the adventure we envisioned, and John was a big part of the reason we can now live this new adventure for years to come!! Thank you, John!