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Everything you need to buy a motorhome in France

Many people dream of travelling across France and Europe in their own motorhome but have struggled with the legal, logistical and language barriers. This is where comes in.


With our fully vetted legal structure, you can register an independent French address, purchase a vehicle and insurance all in your own name. Take complete control of your trip with no commitment to a 3rd party.

Open Network

Instead of having a fixed location we bring together contacts from across France and Europe under our own meticulous customer service. More vehicles, more options, more flexibility.

Storage & servicing

A safe, reliable premises to store your motorhome is a vital component of any trip. We have a network of established storage providers with various servicing options throughout France.

Boots on the ground

Think of us as your dedicated trip planner who can navigate you through the rather complex process of getting your European road trip moving. Advice, support and language help when you need it most.

Europe based

Having a base in Europe for your European motorhome trip makes life that much easier. Vehicle registration, insurance and breakdown cover all legally issued in your own name.

Native English

We are native English speakers who have lived in France for over 10 years and worked in the motorhome industry for the last 5, we are perfectly positioned to support international clients.


Our step-by-step guide will help you through the entire process of buying and registering a motorhome in France as a non-resident.

Used motorhomes currently for sale in France

Partner Dealer
Motorhome for sale in France - Mclouis Menfys S Line Matic
  2.3 JTDM 140CV
Partner Dealer
Motorhome for sale in France - Fleurette Migrateur 69 LM
  Fiat Ducato
  2,3 130 HP
Partner Dealer
Motorhome for sale in France - Challenger S 194 Start Edition
  Ford Transit
  2.0 TDCI 170
Partner Dealer
Motorhome for sale in France - Pilote 650 GJ Essential
  Fiat Ducato
  2.3 JTDM 130 CV

New motorhomes for sale in France

Through our network of established dealers we help facilitate the purchase of a new motorhome in France without the language issues through our sourcing & support service. We take all the hassle out of purchasing in France with the highest standard of support and communication with years of experience to help you avoid any bumps on the road to your dream trip.

Extra Services

 Motorhome sourcing and support service The motorhome sourcing and support service is designed to assist with all the various aspects of purchasing a motorhome in France. Choosing a model, finding suitable options, communicating with dealers and assisting with purchase paperwork. Deciding on a vehicle If you aren’t sure what vehicle to go for then I […] continue reading... 

 Sell your motorhome or campervan in France Own a motorhome or campervan in France and want to sell it? Advertise with us to our long list of potential buyers. We will navigate you through the entire process from sourcing offers and advertising the vehicle to paperwork and hand over day logistics. To help us advertise […] continue reading... 

General advice to consider

 What are the costs involved? Here are the total-expected costs for non-residents looking to purchase and drive a motorhome in France. One-off fees – Societe civile setup: 1950 EUR. – Motorhome sourcing and support service: ~1500 EUR – Registration tax: On average ~500 EUR for depending on vehicle engine size. – “On the road fee”: […] continue reading... 

 When driving a motorhome in France there are many rules and regulations to be aware of. Here are a few of the most common to be prepared for. Driving a motorhome in France Documents to carry in the vehicle Insurance certificate – Main document and square cutout displayed in the windscreen. Control Technique – Valid […] continue reading... 

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